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    They reached the kitchen window and looked out. There was a figure there, and what looked like another one in the background. A lantern stood on the flags; the first figure pitched something on the ground that looked like a coil of rope.First. The main object of mechanical engineering is commercial gainthe profits derived from planning and constructing machinery.Welcome to OutFind.ca, maintained by Dr Olivier Charbonneau, Senior Business Librarian at Concordia University for Management and Marketing students at the John Molson School of Business (JMSB). Industry and market research involves much more than Google! Concordia University, through the Library’s Business Research Portal (BRP), provides you with complementary access (meaning free of charge as long as you’re a student) to news, research and reports essential for your success. OutFind.ca adds to the BRP by providing access to course guides and tutorials developed by Olivier in collaboration with JMSB faculty. For help, contact the Ask-A-Librarian service.

    It was by an analogous, though, of course, far more complicated and ingenious adjustment, that Hegel sought to overcome the agnosticism which Kant professed to have founded on a basis of irrefragable proof. With both philosophers, however, the sceptical principle was celebrating its supreme triumph at the moment of its fancied overthrow. The dogmatism of doubt could go no further than to resolve the whole chain of existence into a succession of mutually contradictory ideas.JMSB Course guides and tutorials: Pick one of these options (or use the menu on the left) to access course-specific content from the table below. These links are also embedded in the “library block” of courses on Moodle.

    Topic & linkDescriptionCourse(s)
    Business Research Portal (BRP)General guide to marketing or management resources selected by your librarian. Includes Industry Information, Market Research, Articles from news or research sources, country profiles and business directories.
    Business CommunicationYour first big assignment requires you to locate 5 secondary sources. This guide offers tips on the best databases to locate these documents.COMM205
    Contemporary Business ThinkingThis series includes tutorials on when to use Google or Wikipedia in university papers as well as market, industry, news and research sources from the library. Tips are provided for your final project.
    Marketing ResearchResearch makes marketing into a science. In class, you will learn about the right method to apply to discover scientific evidence about a market. Before applying a method, you need to discover what is already known. Nobody benefits if you just rediscover the wheel. Don’t guess, don’t be ignorant: discover published market data and sources before applying a research method.
    Consumer behaviourConsumer behaviour, when properly understood and aggregated, can be expressed as market trends. The astute student of marketing shall think critically about claims made by industry before accepting any evidence as the source of a trend. Find the best evidence and sources to make claims about consumer trends.
    Entrepreneurship & researching a business plan Step-by-step guide to search for sources and evidence for a business plan. The OutFind.ca page is under development, please use this library guide in the interim:
    Cross-cultural communicationFinding scholarly sources, such as academic books or peer-reviewed articles, involves using advanced features of specialized search engines. This page provides insight on devising powerful search strategies for these, as well as news sources presenting business blunders.
    International marketingSearching for sources on international markets involve digging through government data portals on the free web as well as specialized library databases. Find out more on this international marketing guide.

    2. Open lid of Clock by means of catch.(1.) Into what classes can gearing be divided?(2.) What determines the wearing capacity of gearing?(3.) What is the advantage gained by employing wooden cogs for gear wheels?(4.) Why are tangent or worm wheels not durable?These guides are developed in partnership with teaching faculty at JMSB to empower you to succeed during your education. When possible, they are linked from the Moodle sites for your courses. Dr. Olivier Charbonneau also maintains a YouTube Channel on which you can discover video tutorials used on these course guides. To discover the resources available to you, either use the Business Research Portal on the library website or one of the course guides listed above (or in the menu).

    66"Never can trust a woman as to time," he growled. There was not the faintest shadow of politeness in his manner now. "Didn't I say twelve sharp?"A word about Library collection: Concordia University Library’s yearly budget is over 6 million dollars a year! We acquire digital and print sources, in all disciplines, including business. Use your library to find information about market or industry research, news and data, that you cannot find on the free web. Librarians identify the best search tools and resources to curate a collection with institutional funds. This collection gives you free access to market or industry research; business articles from newspapers, trade magazines and scholarly or academic journals. To discover the business collection, visit the Business Research Portal on the Concordia University Library website: https://www.concordia.ca/library/guides/business.html

    230"HeHehadn't got no back to his head," blurted out Tom at last.Ask a Librarian Service: Librarians and library staff, including Olivier, are available to answer your questions via a variety of methods. Start by contacting the Ask-A-Librarian service by chat, email or a live Zoom session during business hours. They will refer you to Olivier Charbonneau if they can’t answer your questions: https://library.concordia.ca/help/questions/

    If you are curious about Olivier Charbonneau’s work at Concordia University’ Library, you can browse additional content on this blog by clicking on “Industries and Markets” from the top menu.

    Allingham stood up and slowly rolled down his sleeves and put on his blazer. Of course, Gregg was like that, a thorough sportsman, taking the good with the bad. But then he was only twenty-four. You could be like that then, so full of life and high spirits that generosity flowed from you imperceptibly and without effort. At forty you began to shrivel up. Atrophy of the finer feelings. You began to be deliberately and consistently mean and narrow. You took a savage delight in making other people pay for your disappointments.You can also browse his other blog about legal research and information studies, en franais: www.CultureLibre.ca.

    Fitting processes, being the final ones in constructing machinery, are more nearly in connection with its use and application; they consist in the organisation or bringing together the results of other processes carried on in the draughting room, pattern shop, foundry, and smith shop.Never thinking of rest he went on day and night, taking away the poor fellows' arms and legs, and all this by the miserable light of some candles. Gas and electricity were not to be had, the works being idle after the destruction of the town....Last updated on August 24th 2020 by Olivier Charbonneau.

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